Radical Societies: An Econoclyptic Adventure in the Future

Welcome! If you are viewing this site then you are an invited guest on our list. So you want to know about Radical Societies: An Econoclyptic Adventure in the Future, huh? Here’s a few details.


Radical Societies: An Econoclyptic Adventure in the Future: Quite possibly the greatest event you’ll ever attend. NYE will never be the same after you attend this event ! Once again, we will transport you to another time in place. This time, we welcome you to a future where money no longer exisits (except for the the mindless corporate zombies that roam) and bartering is king. Yes, use your skills and your treats to trade for food, beverage and fun ! Huge outdoor space where you can roam the trader zone for goods, warm up by the fire or enjoy a number of performances including music, fire and swords ! and then step inside our new warehouse where you will be treated to more delights. Kick ass lower level sound bunker Eye melting visuals and more…

Below are just some of the acts…keep checking in.

Sunray Breaker


OdAm fEI mUd

Coult 45



Dr. U


and much,much, more…including mystery live act :-)


31st December 2009 – 1st January 2010.


Xfer Studios. Lovely place at 3930 Blake St. Denver 80205.

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If you have any queries, please contact us on ahwoo@digiblade.com. More info will be posted soon and all attendees get automatic email notifications….

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